Private Singing Lessons

Private singing lessons are personalised and tailored to enhance your vocal abilities. Beyond honing technical skills, you will also gain increased confidence and self-expression as you develop a deeper understanding of your own voice.


Every voice is different and as unique as the singer’s character, I have designed a program which I can adapt to suit you.

What we’ll cover:

  • Daily exercises in breathing, scales, various warmups
  • Developing good habits, vocal health, and a routine
  • Thinking of singing as a lifestyle, rather than just a hobby
  • Techniques for singing from delicate to powerful. Building good projection & control
  • Increasing vocal range of pitch
  • Increasing vocal range of timbre/character
  • Basic music theory/concepts
  • Methods on how to approach learning songs, that can also be applied to writing
  • Improvising vocal parts
  • Various other techniques and fun stuff to play with, improving your vocal toolkit
  • Preparation for performance/recording/practice/writing

Lessons are 90 minutes, allowing for:

  • assigned work/practice
  • answering your questions/tailoring the lesson to your needs and curiosity
  • implementing techniques and good habits
  • preparing your voice, how to use it most effectively in performance, study, recording
  • how to cool down after a practice session or performance.
I loved the course! Erik is a legend, kind and clever. He understood my voice quickly and came up with a plan of how to make singing easier and better for me. Erik has definitely helped me sing better than I thought I could.
– Thomas
Erik is a knowledgeable and flexible music teacher, I have been supported to create useful singing routines to develop the quality and range of my voice. He has also customised lessons when I have asked to work on specific needs such as singing harmonies in a group.
– Amelia
Erik has been teaching me how to play the guitar, my knowledge of how to play the guitar has greatly improved thanks to our lessons together. He has been a very supportive and encouraging teacher and has been willing to do more lessons a week in the lead up to my school performances to help me get a better mark and nail the last few issues I had with particular songs.
– Riley
Starting singing lessons was nerve-racking, but Erik showed me that we are all allowed to sing and have fun, that finding our voice and how we express ourselves can be more powerful than hitting certain techniques or certain notes. Erik’s style is fun and relaxed, he has a wealth of knowledge, and a depth of compassion that allowed me to take risks, experiment, and discover in a space that could feel very vulnerable.
– Inbal
Cancellation policy:
If you need to postpone your lesson, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. That way, we can reschedule to another time, or I can switch another student into your spot for that week.

If you do a no-show, or cancel on the day without good reason, your balance will be used to cover the lesson.

I will always do my best to accommodate any changes to lesson times/days.
If you are unwell, or have any symptoms of cold or infection (sore throat, runny nose, cough) please let me know, so we can reschedule.